Archiving jobs / Making archived jobs available again

The status setting of a job allows it to be archived. This can be manually done by clicking "Archived" in any selected job. Alternatively, every job can have an archiving date assigned in the job settings. An archived job is no longer available in your online shop. Customers will not be able to access their pictures or place orders and the job is shown greyed out, giving an informational note regarding archiving.

The job remains visible for you in your account administration for review or editing. It is possible to make the job available for customers again after it has been archived.

Please note:

Storage space occupied by archived jobs counts against your overall available storage space.

- Products containing archived pictures are removed from any pending baskets.

 Two types of archiving

Jobs set to selling can be archived by clicking on "Archived" in the status part of any job's setting. This option is located on the top right of the job overview.


The second (and recommended) archiving option is to set a date on which the job will automatically be moved to the "Archived" status.

On the job settings page at point 3, the archive date can be set, once the archiving option is activated through the checkbox.

After clicking in the date field, a calendar for date selection will show up. Once you have selected the desired date, you can also set an archiving delay. This is done through the dropdown below and allows various settings, ranging from no automatic archiving to archiving 3 days after the set date.


The archiving date is also used for automated email communication through communication profiles, which can be useful to inform your customers that their photos will no longer be available. In addition, an archiving counter is shown in the shop once the archiving date is 14 or fewer days away.

Please note that archived jobs still occupy storage space. To free up space, you may want to consider deleting jobs or albums which have already been archived for a longer time. For more info please click on the following link Deleting jobs vs deleting albums.

Making an archived job available again

To make an archived job available again, go to the "Selling" tab and click on "Start selling". Alternatively, you can use the dropdown menu on the top right, showing the current job status.

Making jobs available again - Important info:

  • On the job settings page, the archiving date checkbox has to be unchecked or the archiving date set to a future date. Otherwise the system will treat the job as being in the wrong status and archive it again. 
  • Communication profile mails regarding photo availability are not sent out again to customers who have already received them. However, customers that registered after the job was already set to selling did not receive this mail, so if the job is now set to selling again, these mails would be sent out. To prevent this, simply set the communication profile to "No marketing emails/SMS".

For jobs that have been archived more than 14 days, the system will automatically remove the communication profile if the job is set to selling again. You are informed about this in the confirmation window before the status is changed.

As with all changes on the settings page, please remember to click "Save settings", so that the changes are properly recognised.

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