I want to change my subscription plan

To change your current subscription plan for your online shop with us, you do not have to contact support. This option is available to you in the account management.

Click on your name to the top right. In the menu, select "Your account". In the next window, select "Your plan" on the far left. This will bring up another window with your current plan details. On the top right of this page, click the button "Change plan".

      Left.png     Change_plan.png

This will bring up an overview of all plans we offer from which you may select your new plan. On the top is a slider which allows you to switch between monthly and yearly payment of your plan:


Please note that the system will prevent changing to a plan for which the storage space allowance is exceeded. You will be notified if your storage exceeds the allowance of a lower plan:


You can also see the day your current subscription will run out.

Information on deleting files from your account can be found here: Deleting jobs vs deleting albums

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