How can I add batch shipping to my account?

Note: Batch shipping is not a default option, if you would like to enable it, please get in touch with GotPhoto.

A batch is a collection of shipments. Batch shipping implies that orders are held back in the GotPhoto system and not send for production to the Lab, until a given deadline.

STEP 1: Activate batch shipping in the general settings

Go to “Settings” → “Sales settings” → “Shipping settings.”Either “Batch Shipping (optional)” or “Batch Shipping (mandatory)” will need to be selected before creating a photo job, otherwise the option will not be available.


  • Optional: you will be able to choose between batch shipping and direct shipping within each job.
  • Mandatory: all new jobs will automatically be set to batch shipping and direct shipping will no longer be possible.   
  • The following information will be transferred to the labs along with the batch order: the name of the subject (student), group (class), the internal job name, and the contractee.

STEP 2: When creating a new job

Photo jobs that are set to batch shipping will have a different order process, as orders will be held (not sent to the lab) until a given deadline. Consequently, the emails send to the end-customers and the shop layout are going to be different than for direct shipping.

To activate batch shipping when creating a photo job, follow these steps::

  1. Select “batch shipping to establishment” in step four (“Important events”) when completing the job settings.

  2. Next, set the date in which all orders from the job should be held. Do this via the tab “Deadline: Batch shipping”.

  3. Lastly, select which process shall be used once the date has been reached:
     - Manual: the orders will need to be transferred manually to the lab
     - Automatic: the orders will be automatically transferred to the lab.  

    In addition, you will need to select an action to take place once the transfer has been completed i.e. “archive job”, “set the job to direct shipping,” or “start a new batch”.


The extended settings allow you to provide useful information to your customers and for the delivery:

  • Customer information : the production time (mandatory) and the name of the contractee.
  • Delivery information: boxes may be selected or left unmarked based on the settings of the job and your personal preference.



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