How can I generate Proof Cards?

Note: Currently Proof Card Generation is not available by default. If you want to enable proof cards, please contact our technical support team.


Proof cards are a smart way to let customers order online while giving them also the option to pay through a paper order form. Before creating your proof cards through GotPhoto remember you should have created a job and activated your access codes, see this article.




  1. Go to Photo Jobs -> Open Job -> Sales Promotion ->  Create Contacts Sheets
  2. Select Proof Card from the options on the right (if not available contact us)
  3. Personalise through the advanced settings:
    1. Change the background to “Customised”, download the template and modify it and then click on Browse to upload the modified pdf (smaller than 1.5 MB)
    2. Select the number of photos you want in your proof card.
    3. We recommend to tick the boxes Show album path, Show photo filename and Show watermark for normal use.
    4. For group photos you can tick the boxes to Include one group photo (if available) or/and Larger landscape photos
  4. Click on “Create”
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