How can I generate Proof Cards?

Note: Currently Proof Card Generation is not available by default. If you want to enable proof cards, please contact our technical support team.


Proof cards are a smart way to let customers order online while giving them also the option to pay through a paper order form. Before creating your proof cards through GotPhoto, you should have created a job and activated your access codes.




  1. Go to Photo Jobs –> Open Job –> Selling –>  Create Contact Sheets
  2. Select Proof Card from the available options (if not available, contact us)
  3. Personalise through the advanced settings:
    • Change the background to “Customised”, download the template and modify it and then click on Browse to upload the modified pdf (smaller than 1.5 MB)
    • Select the number of photos you want on your proof cards.
    • We recommend to tick the boxes 'Show album path', 'Show photo filename' and 'Show watermark' for normal use.
    • For group photos, you can tick the boxes 'Include one group photo (if available)' and/or 'Larger landscape photos'
  4. Click “Create”
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