How can I test my payment provider?

Once your payment provider has been set up, the next step would be to place a test order and to attempt to pay for it yourself. The aim is to test the payment provider to ensure your customers are able to pay for their photos.

We recommend creating a new price profile with a single download product priced at 60 cents (payments under that amount won't register correctly by the payment provider since it would be less than the minimum fee).


Step 1: Create a new price profile

  • Create a new price profile and name it something like TEST so it stands out.
  • Add an individual download product
  • Set the selling price to £0.60


Step 2: Assign the new price profile to the demo job in your account

  • Navigate to your demo photo job (NOT a live job!)
  • Assign the price profile you previously created and save your job


Step 3: Submit a test payment

  • Navigate to your shop as a customer
  • Use access code TEST from the demo job in your account
  • Add the download to your cart and follow the steps in the shop's checkout process


Step 4: Confirm receipt for test payment

  • Navigate to your Orders page to verify if your order was placed (see screenshot below)
  • Log into your payment provider and verify if you've received the payment



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