How do you sort the order of photos or move photos to another album?

1. Click on the Photo jobs section in the top menu bar.
2. Click on the appropriate Photo job


3. Click Photo management
4. Select the appropriate album.


Sorting photos
You can sort group as well as individual photos according to specific criteria. Note this sorting only applies for jobs where QR codes haven’t been used or haven’t yet been read.

Moving photos
You can drag and drop each photo. To the left of the file name, a small cross is displayed above each thumbnail. Grasp the photo with the mouse and drag it to the desired location.This option works at all times.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to move several photos at a time.

Do you want to move multiple photo to another album or assign another QR code?

Select the photos by clicking each photo and holding down the Ctrl key (cmd for mac), or holding down the mouse and moving over the desired photos. The selected photos are then all blue. On the right side, you’ll see how many photos are selected and you can move them in bundles via "Move ..." within the album or to another album in the same job.

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