Having trouble accessing your photos?

When you received the information to access your photos, you may have found yourself at the main GotPhoto homepage and realised that there is nowhere to input your access code. Fortunately, there's an easy solution that will get you to the store page quickly.

Here is an example QR Card that should look similar to what you received:


The two numbers represent:

1) The URL you need to visit to access your photos

2) Your personal access code


Enter the URL (1) in the position indicated in the photo below:



Then enter your access code (2) as indicated here:



To sum it up:

On the card you received, there should be a field marked "Visit" with a URL. Simply enter this information into the address bar at the top of your browser.  Once you navigate to this new page, you should see an input field that says "Enter your access code...". Enter your code into this field and click "Open album". Now you should be able to see and order all of your photos!

If you still don't see the new page, it's possible that you accidentally searched for the URL using Google or any other search engine. Please ensure you have indeed entered the URL into the address bar. 


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