How can I place a personal order?

As a photographer, you have the possibility to place a personal order to labs, if you wish to verify product qualities for instance.

There are two way of doing so.


Through the “Order entry” tab (new functionality)

1. For any given photo job, go on the “Photo management” tab.

2. Then, click on the grey tab “More…” (right side of the screen) and on “Buy photo (beta)”.

3. On the page that appears, click on the top right to select “Personal order”. Select also the lab you want to place an order with.

4. Select the products and quantities wanted and confirm the basket.

5. The last step is to “Review and create orders” by going on the overview page of the “Order entry” tab (click on Return or click again or “Order entry”).


Through the “Personal order” tab (old functionality)

1. Click on the “Orders” tab and then on “Personal orders”

2. Select “+ New personal order”

3. On the page that appears, select an album and then a picture.

4. On the chosen photo, click on “Order photo”.  The list of products from the lab will appear : select the ones you want as well as the quantities, confirm your basket and pay.


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