An order requires attention

A new order has been received and needs your approval, altough no manual revision is activated.

Because this order contains a product with high production costs (e.g. canvas, poster,cellphone case, mug etc.), this order is on hold, until you approve the order.

Please check if the cropping, selected by your customer, matches the production-related crop of the laboratory. The crop is displayed as a red frame.

In order to be able to check the selected crop, click on 'Customize Photo' in the order. In the following view, you can
-Change the crop
-Upload a replacement file and change the crop
-Add or remove a photo effect

PLEASE NOTE: Each change must be actively saved by you.

After you have checked the cropping and adjusted if necessary, switch back to the overview and release the order. To do so, click on the red 'Release order to production' button above the files

If a payment is already received, the order will be forwarded directly to production. A correction is no longer possible after that.

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