How do customers add coupons to their order?

There are two types of coupons you can make available for your customers:

1. Coupons from the job:

Every job has the option to add a coupon, this is done in the settings page of the job. This type of coupon is active for every customer with access to the job and its value is applied to the basket automatically. Two weeks before the coupon expires, an expiration countdown is displayed on the top right in the shop.

2. Manual vouchers:

For specific situations or to achieve a solution for a customer, you may want to create manual vouchers. These can be created in your account at "'Settings --> Coupons".

Please note: You will also see coupons from jobs here. Please do not alter those in any way, as this may cause issues and prevent the job coupon from working correctly.

Both coupon types allow discounting fixed amounts or percentages, which always apply to the basket value. You may also take over the shipping fees of your customers, up to a fixed value or in total.

Vouchers that reduce the order value below production costs may need to be manually checked by us. This process is taken care of without you needing to inform us, but it may result in a significant delay in the order delivery process.

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