Can I create coupons for my customers?

Coupons increase your login rate by driving customers to your online shop:

  • Communication profiles are built around certain triggers, including Coupons. In other words, if you setup a coupon within a photo job that includes customer emails, our communication profile will send out multiple emails to the recipients at different stages of the coupon.
  • Coupon are also promoted on QR cards. 


1. Photo Job Coupons.

In Photo job --> Settings, under Step 3 Important Events, you can create a coupon that is automatically applied to customer’s baskets when they create an order. The coupon is linked to the QR code or password so that the customer doesn’t need to enter a code to receive the discount. We recommend setting a coupon no later than 14 days after the photo job has been set to selling, as this would enable a countdown that will appear in your shop. 




2. Individual Code Based Coupons

Individual coupons could also be provided to customers on a code basis. To do this go to Settings > Coupons and click on the blue button "Add coupon".



You can manage all your individual coupons and create new ones. You can choose the amount of times you would like the coupon to be able to be redeemed. If you would like the voucher to be redeemed indefinitely, then leave the field blank. The coupon code needs to be entered in the basket to redeem the discount. Therefore, it's important to communicate the coupon code to customers.

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