I have encountered an error - What do I do?

First of all, please try a different browser or clear the cache and cookies in your currently used browser. A lot of errors are caused by browser issues, either due to cached data or an issue with cookies.

Depending on your browser, the process for cache and cookie clearing varies. Usually you should find a browser developer guide through Google (or any other search engine).


If the error still occurs after cache and cookies have been cleared, please do the following:

1. If possible, take a screenshot that includes the URL in your browser. This helps our developers in locating the error source.

2. Please contact us and tell us exactly what you did at what time, to create the error. The more details we get, the easier it will be to reproduce the issue and find the root cause through this. Please also remember to send in your screenshot with your message, if it was possible to take one.

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