Setting up your first Photoshoot in “Jobs“

We have made creating a job easy for you and in this article we will take you through the steps on creating your first job using GotPhoto. Note: remember to fill in your business information before starting to sell. This way GotPhoto can generate invoices for your customers purchasing in your online shop.

To get started open the “Photo jobs” section which is in the top bar. This page is where you will find all of your photo jobs and where you can set up new jobs. To do this, select the blue “Create new job” button at the top of the page.

Step 1: Add the Details of the Photoshoot

On this first page you can add all the details relating to the photoshoot. Add the name for the photoshoot, the date of the photoshoot and the type of event. (If it is at a secondary school, click on school and nursery and then you will be shown more options to choose from including secondary school.)

Select the contractee, this could be the school or if it is a wedding then it would be the party paying for your services. If you don’t have the contractee in the list, then click on the create new contractee link. This will bring up a page where you can fill out the necessary details. Once you have completed this form, select save and then the new contractee should be in the list in the menu. There is also a search feature on this list, so if you have a lot of people in this list, then you can search for the name.

Next, you need to add the number of people expected to be in the photoshoot. For example, if you are having a shoot at a nursery school with 30 children, then it is wise to put 40, as this will allow for any unexpected additional children on the day. This number will be used for the password cards you create and print for the shoot. Lastly, add a job name for your internal reference and uploading your photos with FTP and then hit save.

You will then be redirected to the page showing the overview of the job. There are four tabs at the top of the page where you can manage settings, photos, sales promotion and see your sales statistics.

On the top right-hand side of the page, you can see the status of your job. The settings for this are; planned, selling & archived. When in planned: photos are not available to customers yet, when in selling: customers can buy photos, and when in archived: customers can not access the photos anymore.

Step 2: Select Access Type

Here you need to decide how you want your customers to access their photos.

Password for each person is ideal for schools and nurseries where parents should only have access to the photos of their own children. If you select this option, you will then need to decide how to generate the passwords. Here, there are three options, QR-Tagging, QR-Tagging - with a student list (eg. for ID cards), and Manual Tagging.


One password is typically used when individuals are harder to identify, e.g. a prom or a social event. If you choose this option, you need to set a password (or multiple passwords) and then your customers can access all the photos by using that one password.


Finally, public - no password is used when you want to allow anyone to access the photos, e.g. concerts. If you select this option, you will be asked to choose a page where you would like the photos to be uploaded to or create a new page where the photos can be published. You can then use this link to give people access to the photos.


Step 3: Add a Price Profile

You will have to attach the price profile you want to the job. A price profile will have all the products you want to sell and the prices at which you would like to sell them. You can use one of GotPhoto’s price profiles or you can create your own.

More about price profiles.

It’s a great tool as you can simply attach whichever price profile you want for your photoshoot. For example, you may have different products to offer and you may price those products at different prices depending on the event e.g a nursery compared to a prom night.

Step 4: Add a Communication Profile

Adding a communication profile is a great way to automate your marketing campaigns and help encourage your customers to buy photos. It is designed to send emails automatically to your customers to help get the most orders from your photos. GotPhoto has designed two recommended communication profiles but you can also create your own.

More about communication profiles.

Step 5: Coupons & Archiving Date

Although it is not compulsory, we recommend that you add a coupon to encourage customers to buy. You can choose from a fixed discount or a percentage discount and set a minimum order value before that discount can be applied to the customer's order. If you create a coupon here, it will be automatically redeemed when your customers log in with their personal password. They do not need to enter it manually in their basket.

Key Tip: We advise creating a coupon that expires two weeks after the job is uploaded and set to selling. If possible try to have the coupon finish on a Sunday or Monday as these are proven to be the highest buying days. 

More about coupons

The archiving date is when your photos will no longer be available for customers to buy. It is important to set an archiving date because it encourages customers to buy now as the photos will not be available for a long period. GotPhoto recommends archiving photos after one month. Note: when you set a job to archiving, it doesn’t delete the photos.

Key Tip: We advise having an archiving date that concludes four weeks after the job is uploaded and set to selling. / two weeks after the coupon has expired. Similar to the coupon it is advised to have the archiving conclude on a Sunday or Monday for the same reasons. Additionally, we recommend selecting the option 'Archive job 1 day after archiving date'. This way you will still be able to process any late orders from customers after the initial deadline.


Step 6: Generate and Download Password Cards

Click the save button to finish and update your settings. On the top right-hand corner of the of the page, there is a green box where you can download your password cards from. It will show the quantity of password cards you have requested and underneath there is a ‘Generate PDF now...’ button. You can edit the layout of the password cards by clicking on the ‘Edit password card layout’ link underneath and add things such as your company logo. Once you are happy with these settings, you can generate your password cards to create a downloadable pdf that you can use to print your QR tagging password cards.

Key Tip: Be sure of your settings before you print the password card PDF. Coupon dates and other information will appear on the password card and this will be distributed to the parents and students, so it is important they are correct.

Now you are ready for your first photo shoot!

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