Setting up your own communication profile

Communication profiles are great way to automate your marketing campaigns and help encourage customers to buy photos and ultimately spend more. To get you started, GotPhoto has created two communication profiles for you to use.

To find your communication profiles, go to Settings > Communication profiles. Within the main section of the communication profile, you can see all the profiles you have created. At the beginning there is only GotPhoto’s recommended ones. Here, you have the option to edit or create your own profiles.


Creating your own communication profile in 4 steps

Select the blue ‘Create Profile’ button to begin creating your own communication profile.

  • Give your new profile a name.
  • Then hit the add a notification button


Step 1: Add a trigger

First, you need to select a trigger on the drop down menu. For example, you can choose ‘before a job is archived’. This is the trigger. What this means is that an email is sent when this trigger is activated. In this case, you will choose an amount of days before the pictures are to expire. When that day is reached, an automated email or text message will be sent to all customers that have signed up to receive a communication from the specific job.

Step 2: Choose a customer target group

The next option is who you would like to receive the email or message that has been triggered. You can choose out of three options: all customers, potential buyers and buyers. However, some options will not give you a choice. If you want to send out an email after a customer has registered, then it will only be available to send out to potential buyers.

Step 3: Select format of communication

You can select between sending an email or text message.

Step 4: Add a message

Subject: This is the subject line of the email

Message: This is the main part of the email.

Now my new trigger has been added to my communication profile. You can add multiple triggers to automate your entire communication with your potential customers. To add another trigger, select “add another notification” and follow the steps above.

Now the communication profile you have created will be available to choose when creating a new photo job.

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