What are photo jobs?

Until recently, you had to create "photo albums" to sell photos. Now you can work with "Jobs". In addition to a simple user interface the concept “Jobs“ is the basis for many other useful features such as the automation of notifications and detailed evaluation of your photo-jobs.

Creating a new job

First, you can save the information necessary to manage your resources in the basic settings. This is possible as soon as a session is contractualised online: convenient to arrange in advance! You can change them at any time before the posting pictures.



The name of the job will be the name seen by parents when they connect. We recommend the indicate the name and level of establishment (e.g.. St. John Primary School).


Date of shooting

This function allows you to plan ahead your shots and then analyse the seasonality of your jobs. New features will soon available linked to this date, for example a calendar view and the possibility to assign jobs to photographers.



Make your GotPhoto system smarter by selecting the type of job. GotPhoto will remember the settings you selected for the next shoot of the same type. The more sessions you create, the easier will it be to create new jobs thanks to the default settings of the previous jobs of the same type. For example, if you have already run a primary school job before and you want to create a new one, the most important parameters will be set by default.


People expected

This is the approximated number of people you expect to photograph.


Internal job name

If you use a specific system for the distribution of shots between your photographers or if your jobs follow a particular nomenclature, simply enter your internal reference number in this field. It will then be used when importing photos to the shop or on the order information forwarded to the production department.

Select a Contractee

Here you must specify the name of the school: that which you will be paying a commission to (a contractee can be assigned to several jobs).

If you have not created one before, a window will open automatically and allow you to enter the details of your new contractee.

Please note that only the "Name" field is required initially. You can complete the additional information in the section "Contractees".

You can enter more contact details and assign a contact person. You then have the option to give your contractees access to their sales information by enabling “Access to sales information”.  This interface is accessible via your online store and enables the schools to track sales in real time and various statistics.



The settings of your jobs can also be defined beforehand and modified before importing pictures.


Access type

The workflow changes depending on the nature of the job. For example, for school portraits, it would be more appropriate to give an individual “Password to each person”, while for an event (ex. A prom) all participants can receive the same password.

If you choose to assign a password to each participant, you will be able to use QR tagging technology technology using password cards. You can also create passwords manually after you import all your pictures.



After you set the status sale to "selling", you can also ask new prospective customers to enter their name, email address and phone number after they log in. They will then see a popup with the registration form in front of the photos. We recommend setting the registration to “optional”.


Prices Profile

The price profile is the product selection you offer to customers (clients and not your contractee). Here you can choose which products will be available for sale and their prices. Our advice: use of standardised profiles prices, by type of shoot, in order to use the same profile for several sessions. The name of the price profile will not be viewed by your customers.



We strongly advice using two events which allow you to increase the pressure on your buyers by offering a limited reduction in time or setting a date for archiving in advance. If you have set a plan of communication you can rely on these events to plan your e-mail or SMS reminders.


Communication profile

To remind your customers about a discount, the opening or closing of a gallery, you can schedule automatic emails: for this you can use communication profiles. Just like the case of  price profiles, we recommend you create one per segment in order to use the same plan for several sessions. The name of the communications plan will not be viewed by your customers.

Choose the trigger (activation of the session, late voucher, archiving ...) and the the preferred timing for your customers to be notified by e-mail or SMS (three days before, two days later) and add this events to your communication plan. You can use the email templates available.


Photo Management

This is where you import your photos and sort / create individual access codes. First of all you must define your watermark and two import options available to you:

Recommended: FTP Transfer

Log into your FTP software with your credentials previously created in GotPhoto. On the server you will find a folder named "_jobs /" and a sub folder with the internal reference of the job where you want to import your photos. To automate maximum sorting photos, you can use the recommended structure (see illustration).

If an error occurs during import, you can of course move the photos inserted in ill-location.


Alternative: Upload via browser

Create a new album with the name of the class taken (if there is no sub-pe grou- create a collection with the name of the job). Click on this album to import the group photos and individual photos



Creating individual access codes

QR technology

If you used QR technology, photographs with a password card is detected on importation and are displayed in green highlight. The first step is to check that the photos have been imported in the order of shooting, and then click on "Create password”. The system will then separate the pictures in individual in galleries.


Manual password creation

If you want to create codes manually, select the first photo of each child (the first shot only, regardless of the total number of photos that participant). Once you have selected all the "first photos" you need to create random passwords through the dialog box to the right of the screen. Photos with QR code are then marked in green highlight. Then click on “Create passwords”. The system will then separate the pictures in individual in galleries.


Sales Promotion

If you created your codes manually, this is where you will create contact sheets needed for the communication of access codes.

Alternatively, you can also, in substitution or in addition to a communication plan, send occasional newsletters to market or just communication with your customers.

Once you have imported your photos and given access codes to all your customers, you can finally start Selling. In the "Settings" panel, click on "Sale" in the dialog box to the right of the screen to change the status of your session.

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