First steps to get your GotPhoto account ready

In order to sell on GotPhoto, please follow the steps outlined below. It will help deliver a more personal touch as well as a better understanding of GotPhoto.

Step 1: Login for the first time & Invoice details.
When you first log into your GotPhoto account you land on the 'Introduction' page. Here you must fill out a number of key settings. The first key step is to 'fill out the invoice settings'. 

The form is nice and easy to fill in, any field with a red star is compulsory to fill in, but any additional information you can supply is always better.

Once you have completed your basic invoice details, hit the save button.

*Key Tip: Click on 'Advanced Invoice Settings' when in 'Invoice Settings' and add a logo to your invoice. To do this click on 'Upload' and select your logo. Once it is complete, click 'Save and Preview' to view how your invoice will appear to a customer. 




Step 2: Upload Your Own Logo to the Shop
Having completed your invoice settings return to the 'Introduction' tab, located under 'Start' on your account. The next key step is to 'upload your own logo to the shop'. If you followed our last 'Key Tip' then the process for this is even quicker. Click on 'Already uploaded' and select the logo you used for the invoice. If you missed our key tip then click on 'Upload' and select your logo. Once it is complete, click 'Save'.




Step 3: Fill out the terms and conditions
After uploading your logo to the shop the next key step is to fill out your terms and conditions for the shop you will use with GotPhoto. It is mandatory to fill this out so your customers can agree to these terms and conditions when purchasing. Simply copy your terms and conditions into the box provided.




Now you have completed some of GotPhoto’s most basic settings, you are ready to learn about our great workflow features. In the next HelpCenter article, you can learn how to build product packages. Later you can then add these to your chosen 'Price Profile'. Here you can also choose which products and packages to sell and set the prices. 

Finally, our 'Photo Jobs' section allows you to organise your photo shoots and manage sales promotion in an easy and effective way.


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