What can I configure in the Advance Job Settings?

There are some more advanced settings that can be found under the photo management section of the chosen photo job. Underneath the blue ‘create new album’ button, there is a small drop-down menu. If you select ‘advanced job settings’, you will be directed to a new page with more settings that are more specific to each job that you do.


Here, you can:

  • Decide whether you want to show the name of the photo or not.
  • Give the entire job a general description.
  • Decide if you would like to manually revise your orders or not.
  • Choose the settings of the registration of potential customers.



Once the status of your photo job has been changed to ‘selling’, you can ask your potential customers to enter their name, email and telephone number after they log in. A pop-up with the registration form will appear in front of the photos.

You have three options for this setting. You can either turn it off and not use this feature, have it so that the registration is required from everyone who logs in to the job, or make it optional for your potential customers to fill it out by allowing them to skip the form.

Enabling ‘show registration form after every login’ means that everyone who logs in with the password will get a pop-up to register every time. This is useful if you have one password for multiple people as it will ask everyone to register their details, rather than just the first person who uses it. 

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