How can I create an FTP user?

Create an FTP user

  1. Find the manage users page under your name → “manage users”.
  2. Select “action”  next to the pre-made default administrator user. Then click “edit” and a form will pop up where you can edit the user.
  3. Tick the box for “Upload photos via FTP” and three options will appear. Choose a username and password to be used when uploading via FTP. Note: Upload restrictions is where you can decide whether the user can upload photos to all jobs or only the jobs that have been assigned to them.
  4. Once this form is completed, click save.

Creating further users

  1. First select the blue “add user” button at the top right of the manage users page.
  2. Complete the form, adding usernames and passwords and selecting the access rights you would like this user to have.
  3. Save the form.
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