What are personal orders and how do I place one?

Personal orders are a quick and easy way to order any of your pictures for production costs, as charged by the labs.

To place a personal order with pictures from one of your jobs, simply go to the photo management page of the job.

Here, you will find a button labeled "More" on the righthand side. The dropdown menu which opens after clicking contains two personal order options:

1. Buy photos

This options is the new way of placing personal orders. Please keep in mind that this feature is still in development and was created from a feature intended to be used for a different ordering way. As such, any feedback on the ordering process is welcome, since we are aware there is still room for improvement.

2. Buy photos (old functionality)

This option takes you directly into the personal order mode in your shop, starting in the albums of the job from which you initiated the personal order. You can then select from any of the available pictures.

Both options will allow selecting from all products of all labs you have set to active. Naturally, you will only pay the production cost charged by the labs and may complete the payment from your balance with us.

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