Creating price profiles

Price profiles are used to determine the price at which you want to sell your photos. To locate 'Price profiles', go to the 'Settings' tab and then look under the 'Sale' category. 

This article will explain how you can build and edit your own price profiles. 

Step 1: Adding and editing price profiles

On this page, you will see an overview of all price profiles. If you want to edit a profile, click on the ‘Actions’ button and select 'Edit' on the price profile you would like to change.

To create a new price profile, select the blue ‘Create price profile’ button and in the screen that pops up, enter the name of the profile, e.g. “Test Job”. (If creating multiple price profiles, it is recommended to use a specific name for each one to make it obvious when selecting them in the job later, such as "Nursery", "School", "Holiday Sale", etc.)

Step 2: Adding products

Products can be added into one of the three categories: Packages, Downloads, and Individual Products.


Note that you can access further advanced actions by clicking on the 'Actions' button at the top right.

To add a product, click the Add’ button. (Or the reverse to remove a product from the price profile.) On the following page, you will be able to select the lab you want to use and then add the products from that respective lab. Under the lab selection, you can select the different categories for other products besides prints. For our partner labs, you will also see the production costs with each product. Price profiles using your own products do not reflect the production costs within the profile.



Once you have finished adding the products you want to offer, click the 'Back and set prices' button at the top.

Step 3: Setting the prices 

Setting your prices is simple. When you first add a product, the price box will be zero. If the system detects a loss of profit from the selling price (due to production costs), it will appear red. Simply set a higher price to turn it green and you're good to go.

To make your pricing and profit as transparent as possible, we have broken it down into three visible categories.



Production: The cost that the lab charges you to produce the product.

Service Fee: GotPhoto‘s fee for the sale.

Profit: The total profit made after paying production costs and the service fee.

Key Tip: You can choose if you want to limit the products to only individual or group photos. We advise only offering the Download All package for 'Individual photos', since 'Group photos' can be shared easily if downloaded.

When setting the price of product packages you will be prompted to put in a selling price and the 'Recommended price' (see screenshot below). This must be higher than the selling price and will be shown to your customer in the shop, so they know just how much they are saving by purchasing a pack.


Click here to learn how to create and edit product packages.

That concludes setting up for your first price profile. If you wish to use this profile but adjust the pricing for a specific job, you can always duplicate the profile by selecting 'Actions' in the overview. Then you can modify the pricing for a specific job.

In the next article, you will learn how to setup 'Communication Profiles' - a chief marketing tool in driving customers to your shop to purchase. 

Click here to learn how to set up your own communication profiles.


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