Batch Shipping

1. What is batch shipping, and why use it?

Batch shipping allows photographers to hold all orders until a certain date, when they then get transferred to the lab altogether in a single batch. This allows photographers to offer free shipping as a financial incentive to the customer without taking a hit on the shipping fee for every order. Additionally, some photographers like to add custom frames or packaging to the orders, and since the batch is usually delivered to the photographer, they can easily do this before sending it on to the school.


2. How do I activate batch shipping in my account?

If batch shipping is not an option in the Photo Job Settings, check in Settings → Sale settings → Shipping settings. Confirm that Batch Shipping is enabled as optional or mandatory, depending on the photographer’s needs.


If there is no Batch Shipping section on that page, please contact GotPhoto support.


3. Do all labs support batch shipping?

No. Not every integrated partner lab offers batch shipping. Please check with GotPhoto first before using batch shipping.


4. Are there any fees associated with batch shipping? 

Shipping fees for batch orders will be invoiced by GotPhoto at the end of every month together with your other costs. You can find the shipping fees of your lab in the details of your selected lab:

Settings --> Labs & Products --> Select your lab and click "Show all lab details"

Quick link here: 


5. What do the extended batch shipping options mean? 


After the deadline, photos will be available in (days)... means this many days are added to the batch shipping deadline and customers will see an expected delivery date in the online shop. For example: batch shipping deadline is March 10 and ‘10’ is used in the extended settings here, therefore customers will see that the expected delivery date is March 20. 10-14 days is usually a good number to ensure there’s enough time to process and ship the orders.


Photos are always sent to Establishment. This cannot be changed.



Pass names from names list… means that student data entered in the Photo Job Settings are automatically transferred to the order. This makes it super easy to see who the order needs to be delivered to.


Show available folders… means that customers can select who to hand the products to from a dropdown menu. Unchecked offers a free text field. Customers can enter the wrong information sometimes, so a dropdown menu is almost always preferred.


Ask for address information in checkout… means that customers will be asked to input their delivery address. This is unnecessary for batch shipping, so leave it unchecked except for special circumstances.


6. Can I change the address where the batch will be delivered?

By default, the batch delivery address is the same as the address set in the Invoice Settings. When you manually send the batch from the Batch Shipping page, however, you can select a different address before releasing the batch to the lab.


7. What is the difference between ‘simple batch’ and ‘continuous batch’? 

This is a lab setting meant for photographers with their own Production tab. Nearly all cases will be ‘simple batch’, but here are the differences:


Simple batch (recommended) – The orders get held in a batch until they are delivered all at once to the lab, whether manually or automatically. A new batch can be started again after it has been sent, but most revert to direct shipping after the first batch deadline.


Continuous batch – The orders still appear together in the same batch, but orders are transferred to the lab as they come in. They are not held until the deadline. This is more typical with very large photography companies that like to produce the orders as they come in and batch them physically at the lab. Most often, they will have several photo jobs producing orders at the same time. Once the batch deadline passes, it’s still typical to revert to direct shipping, but most of the orders will already have been produced and there is no need to manually send the batch to the lab.

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