First Steps

In order to start selling via GotPhoto, the following steps must be completed.


Sale Settings:

Invoice Settings:

To create invoices for your customers, we need the correct invoicing information. Please click on Settings --> Sales settings --> Invoice settings (or click here). The following data must be entered:

VAT Registration Number (European Union VAT Identification Number) (if available)

Tax number (if available)

VAT rate


In addition:

Please fill out the Invoicing Address information with the name and address to be used on your invoices.


Under the Advanced Invoice Settings (found here), the following additional information can now be added:


Web address

Managing Director

Commercial Register Number

Register court or local court

Language of invoice

Invoice logo

Additional text on invoice


Company Details:

For the operation of an online shop, a company's imprint is mandatory. To include an imprint, please click on Settings --> Pages & Menu --> Company Details (here) . Here, you can provide your imprint. A sample can be displayed under the item "Example imprint - Advertisements". This can be used as a template for creating an individual imprint.


Terms and Conditions:

The general terms and conditions can be found under Settings --> Pages& Menu --> Terms (here)

In the area linked above, you can enter your terms and conditions. Here, we offer a sample for general terms and conditions. Please note that you have to complete/adapt the necessary data accordingly for your individual company.


Privacy Policy:

Due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a data protection explanation is obligatory. You can find this section under Settings --> Pages & Menu --> Privacy (here). We also provide a sample on this page. Here, too, the content must be adapted to the individual requirements or personal data.

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