How can I upload photos by FTP?

1. First you need to create an FTP user:

  • Click Settings on the top black bar
  • Click Users & Passwords on the left navigation bar
  • Select “action”  next to the pre-made default administrator user. Then click “edit” and a form will pop up where you can edit the user
  • Tick the box for “Upload photos via FTP” and three options will appear. Choose a username and password to be used when uploading via FTP
  • Once this form is completed, click save

2. Next you need to download an install an FTP Client. We recommend Filezilla:
Download Windows | Download Mac

3. You'll need to ensure that your folders are correctly organized. Please refer to the correct folder structure below. Note that the internal job name e.g. JOB00001 is set during the creation of each job.

Note: When adding albums with both individual and group photos, it's important that those subfolders are named exactly “group” and “individuals” so the system can recognize them.

4. You can now connect to the FTP server. To do this enter the host server, username and password, which you can find under Settings > Photo Upload > FTP Upload, into the FTP Client. 

5. Once you have uploaded your photos, it will take a few minutes for them to appear in the photo management tab of your photo job. If the images are not displayed within an hour, please get in contact with technical support.


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