How can I create yearbook export?

Step 1a. Create a new photo job

  • Create a new Gotphoto job.


Step 1b. Upload student data into the photo job (Screenshot)

  • Select QR Tagging with a list of names
  • Download CSV Template
  • Copy and paste your student data into the appropriate columns
    • Do not delete columns
    • Do not rename column labels
  • Upload the CSV Template into the photo job
  • Select "Yes- Yearbook photo" under "Customers can select their favorite photo?"
  • Save


Step 2. Photo shoot

Take photos


Step 3. Upload/Activate/Set job to selling

  • Upload photos
  • Activate access codes
  • Set the job to selling


Step 4. Give your customers time to select their yearbook pose on your shop

  • This likely depends on when the school is expecting the yearbook photos. Most photographers use the Archiving date as a trigger in their communication profile to drive customers to their shop to select their yearbook pose.
  • Selected photos will have a index star on the frame from Photo Management 


Step 5. Generate yearbook export

  • Click the selling tab within the photo job (Screenshot)
  • Click Student data export (Screenshot)
  • Click Create export
  • Select the PSPA format
  • Click Create
    • The generation process can take a few minutes.
  • Send the export to your contact the school (Screenshot)
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