Student Exports: Yearbook (PSPA) and Student IDs (SIMS)


Step 1a. Create a new photo job

  • Create a new Gotphoto job.


Step 1b. Upload student data into the photo job (Screenshot)

  • Select QR Tagging with a list of names
  • Download CSV Template
  • Copy and paste your student data into the appropriate columns
    • Do not delete columns
    • Do not rename column labels
  • Upload the CSV Template into the photo job
  • Select "Yes- Yearbook photo" under "Customers can select their favorite photo?"
  • Save


Step 2. Photo shoot

Take photos


Step 3. Upload/Activate/Set job to selling

  • Upload photos
  • Activate access codes
  • Set the job to selling


Step 4. Give your customers time to select their pose on your shop

  • This likely depends on when the school is expecting the yearbook photos or student IDs. Most photographers use the Archiving date as a trigger in their communication profile to drive customers to their shop to select their pose.
  • Selected photos will have a index star on the frame from Photo Management, you can also select the photo for the customer by selecting the index star on any highlighted photo. 


Step 5. Generate student export

  • Click the selling tab within the photo job (Screenshot)
  • Click Student data export (Screenshot)
  • Click Create export
  • Select either the PSPA (yearbook) or SIMS (Student ID) formats
  • Click Create
    • The generation process can take a few minutes.
  • Send the export to the lab or the school (Screenshot)
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