How can I maximize my revenue potential?

In order to maximize your revenue potential, it's important to consider your job with regards to three key metrics: login rate, order rate and avg. basket size



We created the checklist below to help you look at your job in light of these three metrics. We also included recommendations, however note that they're general in nature and shouldn't be applied to all school job types but the principles mostly apply.

Login rate

Have you informed the school about your Gotphoto shop and ordering methods? 

Schools should help you succeed on photo day. The earlier they can get involved the better. The school should be aware about:

  • Your Gotphoto shop URL,
  • How parents can view their childs' photos: explain how parents will receive their QR cards with their personal access code on photo day and they should use it to access their photos,
  • How parents can order their childs' photos - explain the ordering methods (IE Offline prepay, online only) as well as your supported payment methods (Paypal, Stripe, Authorize)
  • As well as any other relevant informations such as:
    • a batch shipping deadline for your first batch, or
    • if you have a coupon you want to promote. 

Have you offered anything to the school as an added incentive them to get involved? 

  • Student data exports - SIMS and PSPA exports are created directly from Gotphoto after the photos have been uploaded. They're used primarily for Student IDs or Yearbook photos. The export itself is sent by the photographer to the lab or to the school to be processed. These exports can be generated free of charge. 
  • Staff discount codes - It can be beneficial if you shoot the staff prior to the students, a discount code can be created specifically for the staff to use to perhaps retrieve a free download. In the end the biggest plus is that the staff experienced the shop for themselves so as a result they can assist students and parents with the overall ordering process. 

Have you asked the school to promote photo day to parents?

In most cases, it's in the schools best interest to promote photo day in order to have happy parents. It's smart to get the school to email parents ahead of the shoot in order to promote photo day as well as your online shop and ordering methods. You should prepare the email and send it to the school for further edit before they will send it off to parents. They may also want to promote the photo day via school's Facebook and/or Twitter. 

Have you handed out QR cards on photo day?

Handing out QR cards on photo day helps put your Gotphoto shop on the map. It serves as an highly effective marketing tool as well as a selling tool as it can help you accumulate all your customer emails.

Have you included a coupon on your generated QR cards? Have you setup an attractive coupon for your customers? 

QR cards with coupons are more likely to entice your customers to log into your Gotphoto shop. The more attractive the coupon, the more likely they will log in. Any coupon you set in your photo job settings page will be included on your generated QR cards. 

Have you set a good deadline for your coupon and has it been promoted to your customers?

Coupon deadlines create a sense of scarcity. Be sure to communicate both the coupon and the deadline to the school, staff and students. We normally recommend two weeks from the planned day of selling as this would allow our communication profile ample time to remind your customers about the coupon. 

Are you using your communication profile with a coupon and archiving date?

In order to make most use of the communication profile, it's important to set good coupon and archiving dates. Our data indicates that the winning strategy is to set a 2 week deadline for the coupon from the day you start selling your job as well as 6-8 weeks for the archiving deadline. 

Have you handed out contact sheets / proof cards?

We generally recommend providing contact sheets / proof cards 2 weeks after you start selling your job. Optionally you can generate proof cards only for those who haven't bought during the 2 week period, and these can be provided directly to the school for distribution.


Order rate

Do you know your customers?

It's important to know about your customers and your market. Is the school in an affluent neighbourhood? Have they ordered online before? 

Have you taken high quality photos?

As obvious as it sounds, people buy photos they love. The more memorable the photos, the better the order rate. 

Did you take a good number of photos per access code/gallery?

5-10 photo per access code are ideal for good order rates, too little or too many can have a negative impact.

Do your photos have variations or are they all the same pose? Have you taken group photos?

If all your photos look the same, the incentive to order would be reduced in contrast to if you had multiple variations in your photos. Therefore, it's far more effective to take a variations of poses should time permit in order to have a better order rate.

Have you setup automatic photo effects?

You can increase the number and variation of photos by using automatic photo effects. Although we offer about 10 different effects, we recommend using 1 or 2. For example, if you had 5 photos for a child, you might want to turn on B&W photo automatic photo effects so that the resulting number of photos is 10 (5 original photos, and 5 copies with B&W photo effect).

Have you built a good number of packs?

For good order rates, we generally recommend between 4 to 7 packages for good a order rate. Too many packages can overwhelm customers with choices - it shouldn't be difficult for customers to order their preferred package. Similarly, a small number of packs can underwhelm customers.

Do your packs include a wide variation of products and are they cost efficient?

Use a variety of products in your packs as opposed to using the same products but with different quantities. 

Did you setup a wide range of a la carte products? 

A la carte items and gifts can be a great way to increase the order rate. 

Are you using a watermark? Is it obtrusive?

Watermarks that include your logo and that are placed in a corner or the edge run the risk of your customers stealing your photos using screen capture software. If you insist on using your own watermark, we recommend using a Tiled pattern.  Obtrusive watermarks are more likely to increase the order rate. Based on our data, the standard watermark in your Gotphoto account is the best for conversions. 

Have you branded your photo job, shop and communication profile?

Branding efforts in your photo job, shop and communication profile can greatly help your order rate, more especially if your customers are already familiar with your brand.

Photo job

  • Photo Job → Actions → Advanced Job Settings → General Job Description


  • Settings → Pages & Menu → Login → Background photo
  • Settings → Pages & Menu → Login → Custom text 
  • Settings → Pages & Menu → Header & Footer → Footer

Communication profile

  • Settings → Communication Profile
  • Adjust the language to make it in line with your brand
  • Since the emails are HTML formatted, you can also include your own branding graphics. 


Avg. basket size

Have you optimized prices optimized for your customers?

It's smart to use an optimized price profile based on job type and your target customers. In other words, you should have a dedicated price profile based on the job type IE -> Seniors, Preschool, Underclass, etc. In addition, you should avoid setting prices in a similar range, for example if you are offering 4 Packages but they're all priced between $40 and $50. 

Have you setup the upselling downloads feature with greater cost savings for your most expensive packs? 

Downloads are getting more and more popular in an increasingly digital landscape. Photographers typically offer a Download all pack in their price profile at a fixed price. As an upselling tactic, you can also offer all the images as downloads in the upselling downloads feature for packages. The trick is to provide greater cost savings for your most expensive packs for the download all pack. For example, if you're download all pack is $90 and your most expensive print package is $90 as well, you might want to offer the downloads for an additional fee of $45 (90+45). 

If you're selling single pose packs, have you setup the upselling additional poses feature?

Upselling additional poses is a proven way to increase your avg. basket size.

Have you enabled pack locking in your price profile?

By enabling pack locking, you can stop your customers from checking out your Gotphoto shop unless they've added a package to their cart first. This is an easy way to ensure your avg. basket size remains high, however it's important you use this feature with caution - your packages should cover a wide range of prices, and your a la carte items should be greatly reduced in price as they would behave more like add ons.


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