Manual Revision: Crops and Retouched Photos



In order to adjust crops or to upload retouched photos, the manual revision feature needs to be enabled on a photo job level:

  • Click Photo Jobs on the top black bar
  • Click on the relevant Photo Job to open it.
  • Click Actions -> Advanced Job Settings
  • Scroll to "Revise orders manually", select Enabled and hit Save

New orders will be placed in your manual revision tab for any required revisions.


In order to adjust the crop, scroll to the bottom of the order overview page and click "Adjust photo".


You will then be redirected to an Adjust crop page where you can make the necessary revisions. Make sure to hit the Save button after changing the crop or replacing an image.  


After the revisions are complete, click < Order to get back to the order page, you then will have to release the order by clicking "Release this order for production".



  • Retroactive orders can't be placed under manual revision unless this has been specifically requested to Technical Support


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