Student Data (CSV) Issues

In some instances you may come across errors when uploading / importing your Student Data (CSV) into a photo job. Find below a list of common mistakes that can cause issues.


Case 1 - Data file uploaded was not derived from our CSV template

If you create or upload your own CSV, the upload will break. 


  • Only use our CSV template
    • It's downloadable in any photo job as long as the access type is QR Tagging - with a list of names, the download link would be indicated on the left (Screenshot).
  • If our CSV template is illegible in your spreadsheet software, refer to Case 6 below. 


Case 2 - Filetype different to CSV

There are a wide variety of spreadsheet software in the market. Each one of these softwares has a different way of handling and storing data. Having said that, there have been instances where photographers use software such as Apple Numbers or Open Office - this would cause issues. For example, if you attempt to upload data with a file ending with .numbers, the upload will break.


  • Use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to process your CSV.
    • Ensure you save your file as a proper CSV as opposed to an XLSX. In other words, your student data CSV has to end with the filename .CSV


Case 3 - Custom column labels

If you rename any column in our CSV template, say for example Column G "Group" to "Grade", then our system will not recognize the column properly and it will not know where to assign respective data. 


  • Don't change the column labels in any way - leave them as is when you first downloaded our CSV template. 


Case 4 - Deleting columns

In some cases you may decide that you don't need certain columns, say for example Expires, Street or Zip, and you may be tempted to delete said columns. If you delete unused columns, the upload will break.


  • Don't delete any columns - leave them as is when you first downloaded our CSV template.
  • If there are columns you don't need all you'd need to do is leave them blank.


Case 5 - Adding rows before columns 

If there are any rows before the column labels start, then the upload will break. For example:


  • Don't add additional rows above the column labels. 


Case 6 - Downloaded CSV template is illegible 

If you downloaded our CSV template but noticed that the columns are not legible as indicated in the screenshot below, then you would have to import the actual CSV into your spreadsheet software.


  • Open your spreadsheet software, for this we will use Microsoft Excel. 
  • Click File on the Menu Bar, and then Import
  • For the type of file, select CSV and then click Import

  • Find and select our CSV template which you have downloaded
  • In the Text Import Wizard, select Delimited and then click Next



  • On the next page, under Delimiters, select Semicolon only and then click Finish


The data should now look legible as indicated below:

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