How do I fix a phone number that was entered incorrectly?

Fixing a phone number is a simple task. When you are in your Photo Job's Selling area, you can see an overview of the phone numbers to see at a glance which ones need to be corrected.

Let's walk through how to fix one now. We will choose the first one that shows up in the red box in the image below.



First, click on the customer's name to go to their individual customer page. To the right of their information, click on the 'Edit Customer' button. A pop-up box like the one in the image below will appear. Here, add the country code '1' in front of the number and click Save.




Once you've saved the data, you should immediately see if it worked or not in the customer information area of the page. If you navigate back to the Selling tab in your Photo Job, you can also see that it's been fixed and you are ready to move on to the next one that needs to be corrected.




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