Setup SMS Marketing / Twilio

Step 1)

Setup Twilio in your account

  • Go to your SMS Settings page 
  • Input your cell phone number and make sure to add the country code +1

Messages will be sent using a number provided by Twilio and replies will be forwarded to the number entered here. 

Select if you want cell phone number registration to be mandatory or optional on registration.
Click Register
Click Send test SMS, confirm the SMS was received.


Step 2)

Add your SMS notifications to your preferred communication profile
Go to your communication profile page

Click the relevant communication profile
Click Add notification
If the Add notification button is not present, then that means you’re looking at one of our standard communication profiles.
In this case, you need to duplicate the preferred communication profile by clicking Actions -> Duplicate 

Setup your Trigger and Filter
Under format, select SMS
Now, add your message, here’s a couple of examples:

Hello, Your photos are ready! You can find below the online credentials to your personal gallery. Here you can choose and order your favorite photos. [[Customer.login]] If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Enjoy your photos! [[Photographer.signature]]

Hello. Your pictures are ready! [[Customer.loginurl]] Questions? Enjoy! BUSINESS NAME Reply STOP to unsubscribe

A message is limited to 150 characters, once you exceed this limit, a second message will be sent to the customer. We recommend limiting the text to a single message.



Step 3)

Just like with setting anything else up for the first time, it’s important to test.
Create a new job, select the communication profile with the SMS notification, upload sample photos, activate access codes, add yourself (Cell phone) as a potential buyer, and set to selling. You should now receive the notification. 

Can customers unsubscribe from the messaging service?

Yes, if customers want to unsubscribe from the SMS marketing, They simply need to respond to the message by responding with STOP ( no matter if they use upper or lower case letters). They will immediately receive the conformation that they've successful unsubscribed from the SMS newsletter. If it happened erroneous, responding again with Start will include them again in the list of recipients. 


Can I combine Email and SMS notifications within a communication profile? 

Yes, you are free to combine both types of notification within a communication profile. For each trigger (e.g. When a job is set to Selling) you can add an email and an SMS to the relevant communication profile. 

I need to update my cell phone number, how can I do that?

We're happy to assist you with that. Please contact our Support Team or give us a call so that we can deactivate the old number. You'll then be able to save a new number. 

Can I also send a text to customers without sending it from the communication profile in the job? 
Yes, you can also send a text newsletter to your customers from the Newsletter tab. Please contact us at 646-362-5100 or so that we can activate this feature for you. 
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